How The Strategy Works

Like any Roulette strategy, where you play is just as important as the strategy itself.  There are many reasons for this, but the only ones that you will really need to care about are payout rates and game fairness.

A casino's payout rate refers to how much percentage of the money that's paid in is then paid out.  For example, a casino with a 99% payout rate would pay a minimum of $0.99 for every $1 deposited. 

Not all casino's have an equal payout rate.  When you are playing, you want a casino with a payout rate of at least 97%.  Casino's with rates that high are hard to find as most are around 95%.  Cleo's VIP Room has an awesome payout rate of 98.75%.

Game fairness is usually determined by the casino's random number generating (RNG) software.  Many online casino's are unfair and give more of an advantage to the house.  It is important to stay away from those casino's... the problem is that it's nearly impossible to tell which casino's are like that.

For this reason I recommend that you play at Cleo's VIP Room.  I have played there and had good results.  But again you can play at whatever casino you'd like :)

What You Need To Use The Strategy

To use this strategy to need the following:

1) An account at an online casino.  Though I strongly recommend Cleo's VIP Room, you can use whichever one you'd like.

2) A $100-200 bankrollCleo's VIP Room offers a deposit bonus matching up to $1,000, but you only need to deposit $100.  As well, you could deposit $200 and receive a $200 bonus giving you a larger $400 bankroll (makes it easier to make more money, read on).

3) An hour to learn the strategyCleo's VIP Room has a free play money version of European Roulette that you can use to learn and I'm sure that most other casino's will as well.  The important thing is that you learn the strategy. Unless you want to dive right in, play it for free first.

Once you have the previous requirments, log in to Cleo's VIP Room (or whatever casino you're using) and open a Roulette game at a private table.  Then, read the instructions below carefully.

Step One - Establish a safe betting scenario

Since this strategy works on the law of averages you need to make sure that, logically, your desired outcome is going to come up.  This strategy focuses on betting on one of the dozens (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12). 

The Low Dozen (also known as the 1st 12) contains the numbers 1-12.  If you spin the wheel and the number 3 comes up, for example, it is in the Low Dozen.

The Medium Dozen (also known as the 2nd 12) contains the numbers 13-24.  If you spin the wheel and the number 18 comes up, for example, it is in the Medium Dozen.

The High Dozen (also known as the 3rd 12) contains the numbers 25-36.  If you spin the wheel and the number 33 comes up, for example, it is in the High Dozen.

Please note that the number 0 is not in any of the dozens.

Spin the wheel and record the result of the spin as either 0, L, M, or H.  For example, if you spun the wheel and the numbers 1, 19, 19, 30, and 0 all came up you would record L, M, M, H, 0.  You are recording the results of the spins in this way because you are looking for a specific pattern to arise.

Once a specific dozen hasn't come up in the last five spins stop spinning the wheel.  For example, if your spins looked like M, H, H, H, M you would stop spinning as you are now going to start betting on L.

Step Two - Bet progressively

Bet according to the chart below:


The chart specifies the exact bet amount that you will make on each bet.

For example, on your first bet you will bet $1.  If you win you will be in profit $2.

On your third bet you would bet $3.  If you win, you will be in profit $3.  If you lose, you would then bet $4 (according to bet number 4 on the chart).

It is absolutely critical that you DO NOT EVER bet more or less than the chart specifies!

The chart has been mathematically designed to ensure that you will always be in profit on every series of bets... betting more or less will alter the math and if you win you may not cover your prior losses... if you lose you may have to bet more to recover your losses and you may hit the betting cap quicker.


So, in the above example the spins are M, H, H, H, M.  You are now going to follow the chart and bet on L (because L hasnt come up in at least five spins...).

So, we are going to place a $1 bet on the L dozen.  Our first spin and we lose.  We are now going to place a $2 bet on the L dozen... and we win!  We have now bet a total of $3 and made a profit of $3 (we won $6).

The above screenshot shows our betting history and our $6 win.

Step Three - Don't get greedy

Following this strategy properly wins me, on average, $57 an hour.  I don't know of a job that pays that well to start, and especially for so little work.  Don't get greedy and try to change things- follow the strategy properly.

Be sure to cash out fairly often to avoid building a large account balance.  The casino will notice you if you develop a huge bank balance and trust me, you do not want that.

Fly under the radar :)

Step Four - Have fun

I know that everyone always says to have fun, but in the case, HAVE FUN!  There's no better feeling than constantly winning :)